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2014 Student Art Contest


KASA is proud to announce its Second Annual Student Art Contest, calling for student-produced artwork that explores this year’s theme: I am a First Responder.

For Teachers and Principals

Please read the “For Students” section to help guide your students in this project.The contest asks students to use their creative skills to create a bookmark designed around the theme “I am a first responder.”  In times of difficulty and matters of school safety, students, staff and teachers are the true first responders.  It is this spirit that we hope to capture through the I Am A First Responder art contest.

  • Principal/designee will initiate a process to select one bookmark per grade category to represent the school (k-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12)
  • Those schools that have more than one grade category may submit one bookmark per category)
  • Complete the enclosed cover sheet and submit with your school’s entry to the KASA office no later than April 24, 2014
  • Entry may be sent electronically to or mailed to Erin Howe, KASA, 87 C. Michael Davenport Blvd, Frankfort, KY 40601


For Students

We invite you to design a bookmark to show how students and teachers are first responders at your school.  A first responder means being the one or one of the first to step up and turn a negative situation into a positive one, or perhaps prevent a bad situation from escalating and harming others.  You don’t wait for others to do this; you just move into action to make the world a safer and better place to live.

Put on your creative hat and set your artistic, creative abilities free.  Design a bookmark and show us what it means to be a first responder.  Contest details are listed.

You can choose to create your own art work or work in groups. Please submit your art work to your principal for approval.

Contest Guidelines:

Media        You may use the artistic media of your choice (2-dimensional, or digital) create a bookmark no larger than 3” x 9” that tells your I Am a First Responder story.

Deadline    All art pieces must be submitted to the KASA office by April 24, 2014. All entrants will receive a response in early May before schools’ year-end celebrations.

Specifics   Your bookmark must have a front side which portrays an artistic message and a backside with a written message that explains story. 

Submission checklist

                 ___ My artwork follows copyright laws.

                 ___ My artwork follows contest guidelines.

                 ___ I submitted my art work to my principal for review.

                 ___ My principal sent in my art work and signed submission form by April 24, 2014

                 ___ My artwork has been submitted with my name, my teacher's name, and my school.

*Note: Entries not submitted in accordance with the above guidelines will be disqualified.

Recognition and Prizes

Entries will be judged by a statewide blue ribbon judging panel with one entry from each grade category selected as a first place award winner. 

First place entries will be displayed prominently KASA’s annual leadership institute, July 16-18, 2013.  Winners will be invited to attend KASA’s annual leadership institute July 17 or 18 and be recognized before a large audience.

Prizes for 1st Place Winners:

Winners receive a bronze medallion, $150 gift card, and overnight lodging at the Galt House Hotel. The winning bookmarks will be mass produced by KASA for use throughout the 2014-2015 school year. 


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