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Member Categories

Active Member
You may join KASA as an active member if you are a school leader assigned administrative/supervisory duties at the local school or district level; a vocational school administrator; an employee of a university or college who trains teachers and administrators; an employee of the Kentucky Department of Education; or an employee of other state education interest groups, commissions, and councils.

Associate Member*
You are eligible as an associate member if you are a teacher, librarian, college/university professor, a classified employee of a school, school district or other education group.

Student Member**
You may join as a student member if you are an educator pursuing administrative certification, but do not currently hold an administrative position.

Emeritus Member**
You may join as an Emeritus member if you are an active KASA member who has retired from service and is not employed by a public school district.

*Associate members are not eligible to hold office, vote or receive legal funds.

**Student/Emeritus members are not eligible to hold office, vote, receive legal funds, or enroll in the liability insurance program.

For Current Members
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Career Center
View employment opportunities online

Communication and Publications
Receive KASA's monthly newsletter, the HOTLINE; a tri-annual magazine, Kentucky School Leader; an e-legislative bulletin, Capitol Connection, while the General Assembly is in session; InTouch, a weekly email of KASA news and happenings; and the Executive News Briefing (ENB), a daily email of education news headlines across the state.

Legal Services
No-limit legal consultation for interpretation of statutes, determination of alternative solutions to litigation, development of legal strategies, research, and identification of cases, Attorney General Opinions, and Professional Liability Insurance.

Member Involvement Committees and task-force groups

EILA Approved Professional Development Workshop
One designated six-hour EILA approved professional development workshop at no cost for active members

Professional Development Opportunities
Quality programs include KASA's Annual Summer Institute, the Kentucky Leadership Academy and KDE certified evaluation training.

Payments to KASA and its affiliates are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, but may be partially deductible as a business expense. KASA estimates that six percent of your dues are not deductible because of KASA's lobbying activities on behalf of the membership.
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