Sequestration Updates


FEBRUARY 11, 2013

Sequestration Update and Call to Action
Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released their budget outlook report from 2013-2013. The updated report looks at the prospects for the nation's economy in the next ten years. The report adjusts its projections around the sequester, in part to reflect changes attributable to the fiscal cliff deal in 2012 and the Sandy Supplemental. The deficit for FY13 is down to $845 billion (from $1.089 trillion in FY12). The depth of the sequester cut is reduced to 5.2%. 

Also, last week the President called on Congress to take action to delay the sequester. While his plan is light on details beyond calling for a balanced plan of revenues AND spending cuts, it is anticipated more detail will emerge in the next day or two. At this point, it seems the goal is to avoid/defer the sequester for the remainder of FY13 (through the end of September).

In light of the CBO report, AASA has updated the sequester invoice. Use it to raise awareness with your Congressional delegation and community members. Weigh in to tell the story of how the sequester will impact your school district. Urge Congress to take action to avoid the sequester!  Access the updated sequestration invoice and check out the full AASA Sequestration Toolkit.